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SATURNby Kasia

Historical Wonderings•2nd largest planet in our vast solar system•Roman Mythology- God of Agriculture•1610- Galileo Galeli•Pioneer, Voyager 1& 2, and Cassini Huggens probe

How Far & How Fast•1.2 billion km from Earth•1.4 billion km from Sun•Tilt of axis-90°•1 day -10 Earth hours & 39 minutes•Orbits Sun in 759 days

Physical Features •giant ball of gas- no surface•hydrogen, helium, methane, water, vapor & ammonia•hot inner core of iron, rocky material•rings are made of ice particles•Cassini- straw like clumps in “A” ring•Less dense then water•10 times bigger than Earth•average temp of -178°C but South Pole extremely hot•season changes•stormy planet- blasting winds, swirling gasses, fierce lighteningupper atmosphere -winds 5X faster than strongest hurricane winds on Earth

Magestic Rings •divided into 13 sections•Most named after alphabet, going from A to G•2 divisions- Cassini and Encke •10 meters thick•curtain like ring particles floating 4 km above rings

Many Moons•at least 52•biggest of moons -Titan & 2nd largest in Solar System•Titan- similar to Earth- lakes, rain, seasons, sand dunes•no free oxygen



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