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Earth Sciences

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Saturn has many details you should pay attention to, for example Saturn is 8000 miles, I guess that's what mkes it the second largest planet. Did you know saturn has 53 moons, with 9 more waiting to be comfirmed? That's 61 more moons then we have. One day is 10.7 hours and one year is 29 Earth years on Saturn. Also Saturn's magnetic field, an invisible force field that protects a planet from colliding with Space Junk or austroids, is 578 times as powerful as Earth's.The clouds on Saturn are poisonous to human beings if breathed in. The average temperature on Saturn is minus 288 degrees, a huge diffrence comparing it to Earth, copmaring the two planets there are some diffrences for example, the equator is horizontal instead of verticle. Finally, Saturn has seven rings that are all made ice, rocks, and dust with many gaps and divisions in between them.

What is it made of?

Saturn is a Gas Planet which means instead of a hard rocky planet like Earth, it is entirly made of gas. The hot solid inner core is made out of iron and rocky material with an outer core composed of ammonia, methane, and water. The next layor is highly composed of liquid metalic hydrogen, hydrogen, and helium. The rings around Saturn are made of ice, dust, and rock, some as big as a house to some as little as salt. They came from little peices of austroids torn apart by gravity.



Even though Jupiter may be bigger then Saturn, it's 1.43 billion miles away. That's the farest planet from the sun, probably because it's a Gas Planet. That's 9.5 times farther from the sun then Earth and almost twice as far then Jupiter.



The first spacecraft to reach Saturn was the Pioneer 11 in 1979,flying within 22,000 km of it. While they were there, they discovered two of Saturn's rings and the strong magnetic field, the data they sent back to Earth led to dicovering 9 of Saturn's moons still existing. The Cassini Spacecraft is now orbiting around Saturn, exploring the moons like Erceladus, Huygers, and they even made it through the moon, Titan's atmosphere, and landed on the surface.


Saturn was the true name of the Titan King, Cronus in greek mythology.Saturn is the root word of Saturday

1. Saturn is one less dense then water, if you put it in a bathtub big enough, Saturn would float.2. Saturn is the fifth brightest object in the Solar System, you can easily see it through a telescope at night.3. Saturn is sometimes called The Jewel Of The Solar System because our planets are nothing alike, humans have always been looking up at Saturn and wondering about it for thousands of years.




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