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Saturn is nicknamed "The Jewel of the Solar System." It is true that it looks beautiful and fascinating with its rings after all. It is the 6th planet from the Sun, at the distance of about 9 million miles. Saturn is special in many ways including its rings, first seen by Galileo Galilei. Saturn is a very interesting planet and you will learn more about the planet through this presentation.

Saturn's Rings

SaturnBy Hannah Jang #12

Part of Saturn's uniqueness is its amazing rings. Other planets also have rings, but none can match the beauty and splendor of Saturn's. While the rings look smooth and in a way, solid, they're not. The rings are in reality, rocks and other debris whirling around at fast 'winds', 1,800 kilometers per hour.

This is an overall video that will introduce you to Saturn, one of the most fascinating planets.

Saturn's rings are separated and 'named' as shown in the below.

Saturn has many moons, over 60 has been discoverd so far. These moons below are the most famous ones, however.

Credits to: by Robin KerrodGlogster Google Images

Saturn's Fun FactsAlthough Saturn is a gas giant, scientists believe that it has a solid and rocky core surrounded by helium and hydrogen. Another fascinating fact is the existence of the great white spots. These are periodic storms on Saturn that occur around once every orbit. Finally, Saturn has a mystery that scientists are mystified by and investigating - a hexagonal storm, with a wide range that could fit 4 Earths inside! It was found in the North Pole and confirmed by the Voyager and Cassini spacecrafts.

This is the hexagonal storm which is a mystery and being currently investigated.

Below, the picture illustrates the fast winds and rocks and debris whirling.


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