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This is Saturn

What was Saturn named and mythology?

Saturn is named after the Roman god of agriculture, its astronomical symbol represents the god's sickle.

Saturn is made of predominantly of hydrogen, within it captured in the early stages of its formation. Most of the remaining composition is helium. Other elements, such as methane and ammonia, are found in small doses. Nitrogen and oxygen also mix within the atmosphere.

Like all planets, Saturn revolves around the sun. Saturn takes 29.45 years (or 10,759 days) to orbit the sun. Another interesting fact is that Saturn has a axis that is tilted of the plane of the ecliptic (just like earth). Saturn goes through seasons, as it travels around the sun. For half the orbit, the northern hemisphere receives more of the sun's radiation, and then for the other half of its orbit, the Southern Hemisphere is in sunlight.


Orbit and rotation

Image of Saturn

Diagram of Saturn

What is a gas giant?A gas giant is a planet that is mostly made of gas.Is Saturn a gas giant?Saturn is a gas giant, but has a solid core in the middle.What are Saturn's rings made of?Saturn's rings are made of rocks, that might be parts of its moons.

What is Saturn?

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