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Facts :-Saturn is the second largest Planet.-Its atmosphere is tick,contains hydrogen and hilium.-Saturns density is less than its water.-Saturns rings are made out of chunks of rock and ice.


SATURN Is named after the Roman God of agriculture.It represents the Gods sickle .

Interesting Facts:-Saturn has a South pole -Saturn is full of storm wind around its atmosphere.-Saturn has a strong magnetic field

Saturns has no atmosphere,its temperature is -292F. Saturn is 9 times bigger than Earth, saturn consists of no water.No way people could survive their!But Saturn has 1.6 times of earths gravity.

Saturn has characteristics that are not human like. Like Saturn has no water plus no atmoshpere we couldnt live like that . Saturns gravity would squash us like a bug because its to much, and the winds their are as fast as 100 miles and hour.And Saturns temeperatures are to low (cold) we would frezze.

Saturns Magentic field is 580 times larger than that of the Earth.It also has a Magnetosphere,The Saturn magnetosphere, like the other planetary magnetospheres, is an efficient deflector of the solar wind. The solar wind at Saturn flows more rapidly with respect to the velocity of compressional waves(waves that vibrate as the move along the way in the same direction ) than at Jupiter and the terrestrial planets.Saturns magnetic field is very strong it traps energy particles resulting of a high levls off radiation.

Saturn has a core that is rocky with liquid gas.It is surrounded by a system of rings that stretch out into space for thousands of kilometres.Its ring are made out of ice crystals , its rings are a product of gravitational influence of several of its moons . They are known as shephered moons :Saturn also has other moons its biggest is titan.Saturn's South pole is the main one with all the storms ,this storms are in the equator of saturn . Saturns storms are the only ones at such rate no other feauture is in other planet but Saturns .

If you go deeper into Saturn you'll find a layer of mecular hydrogen,then liquid mettalic hydrogen,and finnal a rocky core.



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