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Saturn Revised

Why Does Saturn Have Rings? Saturn attracts small pieces of solid materials as it spins, which turn into rings. Saturn's rings are made of pieces of ice, dust, and rocks. Although they are 169,000 miles wide, they are only half of a mile thick!

What is Saturn?*Sixth planet from the sun*Second largest planet.*Has at least 53 moons*Famous for its rings *Different from Earth (made of gas instead of solid) * You could fit over 800 Earths inside Saturn!

What is Saturn Made of?The planet is a pale yellow color because of its gases. Since Saturn is made up of light-weight gases, it spins very fast. The planet spins so fast, that it is not a perfect sphere like most of the other planets are, but is actually more pointed at the bottom and top.

All About Saturn!

How heavy is Saturn?Although Saturn is the second largest planet, it is the lightest planet compared to its size. Scientists have even calculated that if you were to put Saturn on water, it would float!