Saturn and its Moons 2

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Saturn and its Moons 2


Provisional moons with the name they are designated when they are first discoverd. Once a reliable orbit has been calculated, they recieve their permenant names.









Saturn's Moons 1. Mimas 2. Enceladus 3. Tethys 4. Dione 5. Rhea 6. Titan 7. Hyperion 8. Iapetus 9. Erriapus 10. Phoebe 11. Janus 12.Epimetheus 13. Helene 14. Telesto 15. Calypso 16. Kiviuq 17. Atlas 18. Prometheus 19. Pandora 20. Pan 21. Ymir 22. Paaliaq 23. Tarvos 24. Ijiraq 25. Suttungr 26. Mundilfari 27. Albiorix 28. Skathi 29. Siarnaq 30. Thrymr 31. Narvi 32. Methone 33. Pallene 34. Polydeuces 35. Daphnis 36. Aegir 37. Bebhionn 38. Bergelmir 39. Bestla 40. Farbauti 41. Fenrir 42. Fornjot 43. Hati 44. Hyrrokkin 45. Kari 46. Loge 47. Skoll 48. Surtur 49. Greip 50. Jarnsaxa 51. Tarqeq 52. Anthe 53. Aegaeon

Provisional Moons 1. S/2004 S7 2. S/2004 S12 3. S/2004 S13 4. S/2004 S17 5. S/2006 S1 6. S/2006 S3 7. S/2007 S2 8. S/2007 S3 9. S/2009 S1



Saturn's Moons




Saturns Moons

Mimas is the smallest and innermost of Saturn's major moons. It onlt takes it 23 hours to orbit the massive planet that is Saturn once

Pandora is coated in a fine dust of icy material. Even the craters on Pandora are coated in debris. it helps organize the particles of Saturn's F ring into a distinct ring. It is only about 84 km. across and is shaped like a potatoe.

Phoebe and Iapetus are the only major moons in the Saturnian system that do not orbit closely to the plane of Saturn's equator.Unlike most major moons orbiting Saturn, Phoebe is very dark and reflects only 6 percent of the sunlight it receives. Its darkness and irregular, retrograde orbit suggest Phoebe is most likely a captured object.

Titan is the biggest of the 53 known moons orbiting Saturn. It is a cold world enclosed by an atmosphere so thick telescopes and cameras alike can't penetrate through it.

Methone, a tiny 3-km (2-mile) diameter moon orbits between Mimas and Enceladus. Methone orbits Saturn in 24 hours. The three tiny moons, Methone, Pallene and Anthe, all orbit at very similar distances from Saturn -- they are in a dynamical relationship.

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