[2014] Ryan F (Ms Vashisht): Saturn

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[2014] Ryan F (Ms Vashisht): Saturn

AppearanceSaturn is a golden brown sphere. It's rings are the same colour. 83% of it's moons are gray and the other ones are white and sometimes even brown.

NameSaturn is named after the roman god of agriculture. Saturday is named after the planet Saturn.

WeatherThe average tempature on Saturn is -178 degrees celsius. There are lots of storms on Saturn. One of them was a giant white storm, that was on a small spot on Saturn, then it soon circled Saturn and faded away.


Moons and RingsSaturn has many different moons. It has 63 moons and scientists are still looking for more! Saturn's moon Enceladus is most likely to have life. Under Enceladus' thick coat of ice there is a whole load of water. Saturn and the sun pole on Enceladus' ice, it makes it warm and then the ice turns into water. Saturn's moon Titan is the second most likely moon to have life. Titan has liquid methane lakes. Saturn's rings are made of ice and rocks.

Titans surface.

Saturn,Enceladus and Titan

Inside saturn

LocationSaturn is 8.86 billion miles away from the sun. Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. It would take four years for a spaceship to get there. Saturn is around 1.2 billion miles from earth.

What is it made of?Saturn is made of 96% hydrogen, 3% helium and 1% of elements that include methane, ammonia, ethane and hydrogen deuteride. Saturn's surface is made of liquid hydrogen. Underneath that is solid hydrogen. The atmosphere is made out of hydrogen and helium.

Interesting FactsIf Saturn was hollow it could fit 750 earths.Saturn weighs about 568,319,000,000,000,000 kg.A year on Saturn is 29.5 years.A day on Saturn is 10 hours and 14 minutes.Titan is bigger than Mercury.

Random factDiamonds rain on Saturn because there's a mix of carbon and methane and then lightning strikes it.

By Ryan,Elia and Quinn


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