Satillite image of great lakes

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Satillite image of great lakes

Formation of the Great lakes About two million years ago, massive glaciers covered the great lakes basin that formed over two billion years ago. Around 15,000 years ago the glaciers began to recede carving out more of the depression, and when the glaciers melted, it left large amounts of water behind. This means that, the great lakes we see today were fromed entirely by glaciers from thousands of years ago.

Formation of the great lakes


Satillite image of great lakes

Glog: Great Lakes

Biodiversity in the great lakes has been under stress due to human activity. Research in 1970 has helped in preventing further damage to the ecosystem such as restrictions to untreated sewage flowing into the lakes. Invasive specis have been introduced into the area outcompeting the native wildlife

Invasive species: Round Goby, and Zebra Mussels



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