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Coral Reef Vocabulary * algae: Plantlike organisms that live in water. * polyp: A small water animal whose body is tube-shaped; its mouth is at one end of the tube, surrounded by tentacles for drawing in food; the other end of its body often connects to other polyps, allowing the polyps to form colonies. * reef: A ridge of coral or other materials at or near the surface of the water. * subtropical: Related to something that borders the tropics. * tropical: Related to something in or from the region close to the equator.

DISCOVER! Simulation

How old can coral reef be?

Coral Reef Video the cursor to look at close-up views of the different coral reef organisms. Listen to the descriptions of these organisms and jot down notes about each one. Move the cursor over various nonliving parts of the ecosystem to learn how each contributes to the growth of the reef.

Use chart provided to record data

Last step! Click start on page two of your simulation. This will show you the growth of coral reef over time.


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