Sarah's poems

by skibbie
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Sarah's poems


Limerick There once was a mouse who lived in a house he wanted some cheese, so he asked his neice and instead he found his spouce

I am :) I am sporty and kindI wonder how many spors there areI hear pens tappingI see cool peopleI want a soccer ballI am sporty and kindI pretend I am niceI feel greatItouch a soccer ballI cry when my team losesI am sporty and kindI understand physical educationI say whats wrongIdream i ama olympic soccer playerI try to do my bestI hope to be a good personI am sporty and kind

HaikuShells wash-up on shorethe water drains and it shines the shell is alive

Limrick #2 (example)I wish that my room had a floor.I don't care so much for a door.But this walking around Without a ground Is giving me quite a bore.


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