[2015] Sarah Kliewer (5th Earth Science 2015): Sarah's pangaea glob June 4 2015

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[2015] Sarah Kliewer (5th Earth Science 2015): Sarah's pangaea glob June 4 2015

What is Pangaea? The ancient supercontinent, comprising all the present continents joined together. Which began to break up about 200 million years ago. Also a word from Greek called pan = "all" + another geek word called gaia = "earth."

Does the Pangaea have anything to do with the human evolution?•In connection with the evolution theories of Darwinian teachings and the religious belief of life from Adam and Eve.• What would be a more reasonable explanation to the color and physical changes of human attributes (black, Asian and white) if the super continent was separated before Adam and Eve were put on earth.• If the Adam and eve theory is true then how did humans manage to migrate to different lands to acquire the attributes they have of color and physical changes.• When they were back in the age having no equipment to travel over the seas. here

What if the supercontinent Pangaea had never broken up? 1.Of speciation the development of new species from existing ones is geographical isolation.2. Which leads to the evolution of new traits by subjecting creatures to different selective pressures. 3. The large island of Madagascar, which broke off from Gondwana, Pangaea's southern half, about 160 million years ago.


What was Pangaea plant life like?•On land, the giant swamp forests of the Carboniferous began to dry out.• The mossy plants that depended on spores for reproduction were being replaced by the first seed-bearing plants, the gymnosperms.• Gymnosperms are vascular plants, able to transport water internally.• Gymnosperms have exposed seeds that develop on the scales of cones and are fertilized when pollen sifts down and lands directly on the seed.• Today’s conifers are gymnosperms, as are the short palm like cycads and the gingko.

By: Sarah Kliewer


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