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Sarah Karwish

Digital Biography!

My interesting fact is that I have been in 24 plays througout my life. I am a stage actress and have won multiple awards for costume design and acting. I was even invited to the International Thespian Festival. Which is held in Nebraska, because Nebraska is obviously dramatic behind all of the corn. **Go Corn Huskers!!**

Hello!My name is Sarah! I has an amazing husband, Isaacand an adorable daughter, Naomi! I enjoy sewing, cooking, writing, and painting. I sound like such a housewife. I have two adorable felines named Heathcliff and Lucy.


Sarah Karwisch

Why ?

Major: CommunicationFocus: Public RelationsMinor: Professional WritingI've always had a knack for being center-stage and communicating, and I also have a love of writing so I figured "why not get a degree in both?" And so I am.


Super Easy Cheesy Chile Enchiladas!Buy a rotisserie chicken from Publix.Shred the chicken, add 16oz sour cream, 2 cans diced green chilies, 2 cup cheese, and 1 can enchilada sauce. Place in crock pot for two hours. Serve with tortillias.

First smartphone: Galaxy Nexus about six years ago. If I could spend my summer absolutely anywhere, I'd definitely spend it in the Bahamas on a cruise with my family. I took a cruise for my honeymoon and fell in love. The chicken crossed the road because it wanted to know what was over there. My digital device that gives me the most trouble is my Nook HD. Awesome little machine, but it believes that KSU Wifi is going to incinerate it from the inside. No matter what I try I cannot get it to connect.




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