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Sarah Hughes

Sarah Hughes was only a toddler when she started skating. She has five siblings, and she is one of the middle children. Her mother and her father really support her when it comes to figure skating. Sarah was doing great in her career so far until a shocking heartbreak. Sarah's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her mother explained how she had to go through chemotherapy. Later that week Sarah was going to go to a competition, but her mother couldn't come because she was too weak. When Sarah started to skate, she saw her mother in the stands. Her mother came to see her skate even though she was in so much pain.When Sarah was 16, she was in the World Junior Figure Skating Champonship and she won! Then she had a choice if she wanted to move up to be a senior skater. She accepted. In 2001 she won a gold at the World Championship with two other girls. In 2002 she got a spot on the Olympic Team!2003 was when she did her last competition and then retired from professional skating.


May 2nd, 1985- Sarah was born1998- She was called to come to the Junior Grand Prix. Also in this year, her mother was dignosed with breast cancer.2000- Sarah competed in the 2000 Olympic Ladies Figure Skating competition. It was also her first season as a full-time senior competitor.2002- Sarah got a spot on the Olympic team2003- She retired from professional skating.

Sarah won several silver medals and a couple of gold medals.She darted through the stages of skill levels.In 2001 she won a bronze medal.Sarah got a spot on the Olympic team in 2002.

Sarah to this day still skates and helps with sports organizations and has a breast cancer organization for her mother.

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- Sarah Hughes Skating to the Stars-

Sarah Hughes



2002 Olympics

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I really liked reading about Sarah because she did so many amazing things at a young age and while figure skating.


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