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Sappho was exiled to Sicily as a child because of political disturbances.She is known for expressing bisexuality in her poems. The term "lesbian" came from the name of her home island Lesbos. She was one of few female ancient Greek poets. She was probably a teacher. Her poems were collected and officially published posthumously. She wrote with a specific meter four-line stanza form In vernacular Greek Doesn't translate well to English.


Sappho's recovered poems

Sappho lived sometime between 630-570 B.C. She was from the Greek island of Lesbos, where she spent most of her life, though she was exiled to Sicily at some point for unknown reasons. Her parents came from the aristocratic class. It is believed Sappho married a man named Cerkylas. She had a daughter named Cleis, who was named after Sappho's mother and is the subject of some of her poems. Sappho was one of the few female poets of ancient times; she could probably read and write because she was a teacher. Sappho is widely renowned for her use of simple ideas and imagery in her lyric poems. She used a specific four-line stanza form, but it often doesn’t translate well to English.

"He is More Than a Hero"


Sappho Biography

You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift

"He is More Than a Hero" is a poem about one person being in love with a woman and not being able to have her.



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