Santa Fe Trail

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Santa Fe Trail

Santa FeTrail

The route was pioneered in 1821 by a trader called William Becknell (1796–1865). Because the road began in Santa Fe, it was called the Santa Fe Trail.

Challenges/ProblemsThey had to face blazing deserts, and rough mountains.

The trail stretched for 900 miles (1,400 km) through a landscape of prairies, deserts, and mountains.

Joseph Goldsborough Bruff, 1849Joseph Goldsborough Bruff, captained the Washington City Company wagon train in 1849. By July, he was completely disgusted, discouraged and disappointed with his company, but was very pleased upon reaching the Bear River - so pleased that he caught several fat black mice and made a mouse pie.

William Becknell was the first American trader to do business in Santa Fe following the departure of the Spanish.

William Becknell traveled through the mountains of northeastern New Mexico that became known as the Santa Fe Trail - he is called the 'Father of the Sante Fe Trail'

The Trail had two main routes: the Mountain Fork, which went through Colorado, and the Cimarron Fork, which went through Kansas


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