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Sandy Skoglund

Sandy Skoglund builds elaborate sets, filled with figurines, props, and human models, and then she photographs the scene. She became interested in teaching herself photography to document her odd seneries. Her works are held in numerous museum collections including the Museum of Contemporary Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Dayton Art Institute.

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Sandy Skoglund!!!

Revenge of the Goldfish: 1981This photograph is centered around a blue-green bedroom that represents an aquarium. There are 120 goldfish. Skoglund hand made each of the fish in terracotta. Goldfish are not dangerous animals, the title transforms what is already a mysterious scene into something threatening.

Radioactive Cats: 1980Green-painted catsmade from chicken wire and plaster; run wild in a gray kitchen. An older man sits in a chair with his back facing the camera while his elderly wife looks into a gray refrigerator.

Sandy Skoglund was born in Quincy, Massachusetts. She attended Smith College and studied studio art and art history from 1964 to 1968. Skoglund spent her junior year in Paris studying art history at the Sorbonne and Ecole Du Louvre. She went on to graduate school at the University of Iowa in 1969 where she concentrated on filmmaking, printmaking, and multimedia art. She received her MA in 1971 and her MFA (a creative degree in writing, painting, graphic design, photography, dance, and other performing arts) for painting in 1972. In 1972, Skoglund moved to New York where she started working as a conceptual artist.. In the late seventies, her desire to document conceptual ideas led her to teach herself photography.


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