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Sandra Moore Faber

Sandra Faber discovered that the universe is "lumpy", or in clusters.Faber hypothesized that the universe is composed largely of cold, dark matter rather than hot neutrino-based matter scientists had earlier supposed.

"I really think that we will probably find that our universe is the way it is because we are in it."

Faber discovered what is now the Faber-Jackson law. This law has helped astronomers find the speed of the stars inside ad outside elliptical galaxies and their luminosity.

Sandra Moore Faber


Sandra Moore Faber is an American astronomer. She was born on December 28, 1944 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Along with Robert Jackson at The Lick Observatory at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Faber discovered that elliptical galaxies have faster orbiting stars.

The Faber-Jackson law

Dark matter


1966- Obtained bachelor's degree in physics.1972- Obtained Ph.D in astronomy.1985- Awarded with Dannie Heineman Prize for astrophysics


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