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Sandra Cisneros

Latina American Novelist

• Wrote many books including The House on Mango Street and Caramelo that are studied in middle school, high school, and universities • Founded organizations that provide support and grants for writers • Founded Latino MacArthur Fellows which focuses on community outreach • Worked as a teacher, counselor, and college recruiter • Taught creative writing and spoke at universities This website gives a rationale for teaching the book The House on Mango Street and provides teachers with lesson plans and strategies for teaching the book. It also gives background information on Sandra Cisneros.

Educator's Resource

Sandra Cisneros

Contributions to Literature

These contributions relate to the schooling of Latino youth because her books are relatable. She grew up as a Latina in an impoverished immigrant community. She had prejudices against her for being Mexican and she expresses these in her writing. She teaches writing and encourages her students to express themselves and to embraces their differences. The foundations she created help support Latino students by providing grants if they want to pursue a writing career. She explains that she felt like an outsider but turned the negative feeling into a positive one by embracing her cultural differences and writing about them. She can be an inspiration to Latino youth and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Schooling of Latino Youth

Children's Book: The House on Mango Street In the book The House on Mango Street, Cisneros describes her experiences of growing up in an impoverished Latino neighborhood in Chicago. This book has won many critically acclaimed awards and is part of the curriculum in middle school, high school, and college courses.


The House on Mango Street


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