Sand Cat

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Sand Cat


Sand Cat


Food Chain


En. Reasons

- The Sand Cat lives through the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, and Central to South Asia.- The Terrain is a desert.- The climate is very hot and dry.- The home is usually borrows under rocks and shrubs.

Sand Cat Burrow (FDT)

Sand Cat (TAF)

- The Sand Cat is a carnivore.- Mammal.- Body length is 45-57 cm.Tail length is 28-36 cm.- Weight is 1.5-3.5 kg.- meows, growls, hisses, purrs, and makes a scream like sound.

- Destruction of habitat by humans.- Hunted by humans for sport, sometimes gets in traps meant for other animals.- Some are in a protected area so that researchers can find out more about them.

- Eats rodents, birds, reptiles, etc.- Some of its food are found by digging underground.- Carnivore.- Its predetors are larger animals, and humans who for sport.

Sand Cat Prey (SP)

These felines are in need of your help. Everyday the Sand Cats are getting rarer, for their habitats are being destroyed and turned into buildings and are hunted for sport. Please help by donating for these adorable cats.

Sand Cat/Kits (MNN)

- The triangular shaped ears help hear animals over and under the ground.- Has lttle hairs at its feet to protect and help move faster on the sand.- Hunts alone.

Striped Hyena

Sand Cat Video (Youtube)

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