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The Samurai armor is just thickly woven cotton that is so thick it keeps swords from penetrating. The helmet is called Kabuto and it is mostly used for intimidation. Samurai wear a lot of clothes to make the armor comortable.

Samurai's most famous weapon is the Katana and it was alway's carried on the left side of the Samurai. A Samurai always carried a second sword called the Wakizashi which made a Samurai a better swordsman for battling in close areas.

The Samurai period was from 660 B.C. to 1876 A.D. A Samurai is raised to serve his lord. The Samurai's laundry was washed seperately and their clothes were sewn with different needles. Girls usually stayed at home .Samurai respected their famliy greatly in debt to their parents. A child must not disobey the parent that would be dishonor. Before age seven children are not taught any social codes or practices and treated with much care . The wife lives with the husbands family only come back to her family as a visitor or a widow. When married at age 16 women shave off their eye-brows and make their teeth back. The Samrai is responsble for family decisions and the actions of any family member. The wife is incharge of household matters. Samurai usually wear the traditional kimono with a hakama and obi around the waist.



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