Samuel´s Life

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Samuel´s Life

Sam Houston was born in March 2 1793 in Rochbridge County of Virginia,Timber Ridge planation Plantation.He was a teacher and a lawyer before he was a soldier in the Texas Revolution.Sam Houston was elected for the Republic of Texas because, he faught for freedom in the Texas Revolution 1827-1829.When Texas joined the U.S.A. other states thought that this would cause a unbalance of power of slavery in the south.When Texas joined the Confederacy, Sam Houston was replaced for a nother governor who wanted slavery.


Sam Houston was born in Rockbridge County Virginia March 2, 1793-July 26,1863.

Sam Houston made Texas the 28 state. Texas is now the U.S.A.'s most resourceful state.Texas now is the second most populated and second most biggest state in the U.S.A.Sam Houston memorials' can be found all over the Texas.With out the help of Sam Houston, the U.S.A. would had to fight Mexico for one third of the land area they own today.

With out Houston...

With out Sam Houston's help, Texas would had never joined the U.S.A.

During Houston's early life he migrated from Virginia to Tennessee.During the migration he was with the Cherokee Nation.

Samual's Life

Samual's Life

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Early Life

Did you know that Texas use to be a Mexican state called Coahuila y Tejas?


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