Samuel Seabury

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Samuel Seabury

Samuel Seabury

Brief Info

Samuel Seabury was named after his father Samuel Seabury. He didn't have a wife. He wore fancy clothing such as knickerbockers and puffy shirts since he was a reverend.

Job and Political Life

Samuel Seabury was a bishop in Connecticut and the reverend of the Anglican Church. He protested against the rebellion and witnessed the rebellion against Great Britain. Sam became a loyalist because he believed that the patriots haven't offered British any help in finding a solution to the crisis they were going through.

Quotes & Fun Facts

- Graduated from Yale in 1748- ordained to be reverned in 1753- served parishes in New Brunzwick, New Jersey- signed the White Plains protest- arrested in November 1775 by patriots- Commemorated in the Church of England on November 14

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