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Samuel Morse

Samuel Morse was an American painter and inventor who is best remembered for inventing a single-wire telegraph system in 1832. He was also the co-inventor of the Morse Code - the way to use the transmitter through TONES. Samuel was the oldest child of Jedidiah and Elizabeth Morse. The family lived in Charlestown, MA. For education Samuel went to a private school, Phillips Academy in Andover, MA and in 1805 he entered YALE at the age of 14!!!While on a journey,his wife died suddenly at age 25. He was so upset, Samuel was determined to create a new way to communicate faster for long distance communication.

3.Important Facts

- April 27, 1791 - Born, Boston, MA- April 2, 1872 - Death

1. In World War Two both the Allies and the Germans used Morse code to relay messages. 2. By decoding messages, lives were saved, the war was shortened and peace was brought to Europe.3. Morse Code and the transmissions saved and still saves many lives today, especially at sea! 4. Reporters and Journalists were now able to send news almost instantly.

2. Morse's Invention

6. Sources

- Wikipedia- Yale

1. Biography

Samuel MorseThe Morse Code

4. Lasting Impact


During a sea journey Morse met scientist Charles Jackson who helped him with information on ELECTROMAGNETISM. This is the use of using copper cables to send information great distances. After expirementing with different wires and batteries, Morse submittedthe patent for the electical transmitter in 1832.The transmitter sends tones and pulses from one end of a locationto another with a transmitter. It makesa series of clicking noises. In 1841Morse and William Cooke developeda messaging system using dots anddashes to represent the English language. Operators were then trained to read thiscode.... MORSE CODE

- After this invention, messages could now travel over 100 miles, even farther than smoke or light at sea. Messages could be sent in hours rather than weeks. This helped people stay in contact all over the world!- A big step forward for technology, Morse code led to the developemnt of the telephone, radio, television, cell phones and even the internet!- Bonus fact: Morse Code is an EPONYM. This means the invention was actually named after the inventer. Samuel Morse = Morse Code.

The Kid's Code- I would create a code that only kids 7 - 13 could understand.- This would give kids the freedom to talk about what they want, because kids have private things to talk about.

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