Samuel de Champlain

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Samuel de Champlain

Voyagessamule de champlain made around tweleve voyages in his life time(that we know of).His first voyage was with his uncle to Cadiz, spain , then later to the west Indies on his uncles ship the saint-Julien..That voyage took two years and was made in 1598March 15,1603 Champlain and Du pont another explorer saided to the New World and Champlain made a map of the saint Lawrence river.on the seventh of April , 1604 he made another journey wich was led by Pierre Dugua De Mons.Champlain wanted to make a French settlement in the area called Acadiea.

ObstaclesSamuel de Champlain face many obstacles on his voyages like sickness,hunger,storms,and somtimes he would have war with Native Americans that attacked the ship.(or he attacked)

samuel de champlain born 1574-died 1635

Samuel de Champlain

photo:Gutenberg.camap:allaboutexplorers.compersonal life:samuel de

personal life*samuel de champlain was in the french military *Champlain was well educated in navigation,drawing,maps,and writing reports.*he was born on August 13,1574 and he died december 25 1635.

FUN FACTsamuel de champlains wife was only 12 when they got married.

samuel de champlain traveld to the new world on March 15,1603


Go to Exploration.marinersmuseum.orgto find out more of his voyages.


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