Samuel de Champlain

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Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain was a natural born sailor. Champlain was a young man when he first started exploring North America in 1603. While exploring he founded a settlement in Flordia called Acadia. Then later he was important because he helped establish some Canadian settlements, also he helped map out the coast. Not only that he founded the famous Quebec City. Champlain also helped describe the Great Lakes.

His Life

Samuel de Champlain

Also, Samuel de Champlain is known as the "Father of New France".

Champlain was ordered by a king to return to Qubec city and bring some structure.

Interesting facts.


January 1,1570 - He was born.1605-1607- Sailed in the U.S and founded Acadia. May 26, 1608 - found the Great Lakes and later Quebec City.

Champlain came from a family of marines.

Many places, streets and structures in northeastern North america bear his name.


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