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Samuel de Champlain

Known as the "Father of New France", Samuel de Champlain was a French navigator, explorer, and cartographer (mapmaker). Champlain established the first French settlement at Quebec City, which became a hub for the fur trade in New France.Champlain later ventured further into the interior of Canada, guided by the Huron tribe. During his time with the Hurons, Champlain wrote one of the earliest detailed accounts of Native American life.In his later life, Champlain served as a colonial administrator for New France, eventually being named as Lieutenant General of New France.


circa 1570 - Born in Brouage, France1603 - First voyage to North America1608 - Founded fort at what is now Quebec City1615 - Travelled further into Canada's interior, spent winter with the Hurons1633 - Commissioned as Lieutenant General of New France1635 - Died in Quebec City

Early exploration and mapping of North America.Founder of French settlement at Quebec City.Early contact with First Nations of Canada.Administrative duties in early New France.

Map of St. Lawrence River (Champlain, 1603)


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Samuel de Champlain



Champlain and the Founding of Quebec City


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