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Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain was a famous explorer, map maker, and navigator. Champlains first voyage on a boat was to Spain.

Samuel de Champlain

In 1567 Samuel de Champlain was born in Brouage, a seaside town in France.

1598 Champlain signed up on a French ship that was going to Spain.[This was going to be his first voyage]

When Champlain was a young man, the Huguenots, [now called the Protestants] and the Catholics were fighting in France. Champlain fought under the command of Henry of Narrave. [These fighting skills came in handy as an Explorer.]

Samuel de Champlain also founded the city of Quebec in the early1600s.

Who was Samuel de Chaplain


The ship Samuel de Champlain sailed on to Spain was his Uncles boat the Saint Julien. Champlain wrote all about his voyage to Spain.

Later Champlain formed a partnership with the Hurons and the Algonquins. These 2 tribes promised to help Champlain with the fur trade. Then the 2 tribes asked Champlain to help them fight against their enemies Iroquois. This partner ship between the 2 tribes and Champlain lasted for over 100 years. 1609, Champlain made his first inland trip from the Saint Lawrence River. He was guide by the 2 tribes that he teamed up with. On his way he named a beautiful large lake after himself. At the lake Champlain and the Hurons ran into their enemy. Champain fought with a gun and won the fight.

After the fail attempt to colonize Dochet Island Champlain and his men settled in Acadia called the Annapolis Basin. During the time that Champlain was at Acadia he found a place on the Saint Lawrence River called Quebec. The Native Americans already settled in Quebec and gave it that name, Quebec. 1608, July 3 Champlain and 28 colonists built a shelter. Soon the weather got cold and food was hard to find. Only Champlain and eight other colonists suvived thorough the harsh winter. After this begining in Quebec, it started to grow.

King Henry IV sent Champlain on a trip to explore Canada. March 15, 1603 Champlain left with three ships. Later Champlain came back to France. Then he went back to Canada to start a colony that King Henry IV wanted to start. When Champlain arrived back in Canada, he and his men settled on Dochet Island[ Now called Saint Croix Island]. Dochet Island was a bad place to start a colony because it was hard to grow crops and people got scurvy on the way over.

Later in 1610 he won another battle against the Iroquois. Then Champlain continued to explore. In 1615, the Algonquins and the Hurons asked Champlain to help them fight the Iroquois again. Champlain was hurt by an arrow in the 3rd Huron Iroquois war. Champlain was carried back to the shore of Lake Huron he'd lost this one. In his final years Champlain helped grow the Quebec colony. 1635 Champlain died in Quebec on Christmas day.








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