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Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain was born in Bourage, France in 1567. He died in December of 1635 in Montreal Canada. His site of burial is actually unknown, but its known it is Quebec. He was always attracted with sailing. He was sponsored by the king and Queen of France,the reason they sponsored him was because every big country was sending exploreres to the "new world". His biggest discovery was a great part of Canada which he called New France. Indians treated him well except the Iroquois which he defeated with help of other tribes. He had problems with british in 1630, but they made a treaty

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1604-1607: route of discovery1608-Colonization1609-13- Fougt the iroquis and discovered St. Lawrence river

He is mostly known because of his discoveries in new france (canada) which include Niagara falls and...He colonized most of the East part of CanadaKnown as the father of Canada


He discovered a new route to canada and he led to the colonization of Canada, and sailed through the St.Lawrence riverColonized Canada

Bibliography, retrieved June 1/2014 retrieved june 1 2014

Samuel de Champlain




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His boat was calledDon de DieuHis real birthdate is either 1567 0r 1575-Canada was actually rich in fish, which made it easier to live in


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