[2015] Ashley Dollar: Samuel de Champlain

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[2015] Ashley Dollar: Samuel de Champlain

By: AshleyDollar

Samuel de Champlain

-Visted the River of Canada, now called the St. Larwrence River-Explored eastern Canada and New England-Great Lakes-Mount Desert Islands -Also most of the major rivers in Maine-The cost of New England as far as Martha's Vineyard off Cape Cod-South as far as Rhode Islands-Cadiz, Spain, and later the West Indies aboard his uncle's ship


Contributions -Chosen in 1604 to be the geographer on an expedition to Acadia-First person to chart the Alantic coat from the Bay of Fundy to Cape Cod-Established lasting relations with several local native tribes-His charts were incredibly accurate and influential on the setting of the area and many of the name he chose are still in use today.

Life-Born in 1567, in a small twon of Brouage, west coast of France-Thought to be the son of Antoine de Champlain and Marguerite Le Roy-Thought that he was born a Protestant and at some point converted to Catholicism-Went to sea at an early age and learned navigation and cartography-Alive during a period of bitter rivalry beween Protestant and Catholicism over which religion would control the goverment-He was well educated with navigation, map- making, drawing and writing practical reports. -Until 1598 he fought as a segeant on the side of Protestant King Henry IV in the religious wars.

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