[2015] Takayla C: Samuel De Champlain

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[2015] Takayla C: Samuel De Champlain

Samuel de Champlain

Sailed for.. Champlain sailed for the French King and Queen.

When He SailedAMUEL DE CHAMPLAIN was the quintessential explorer. While aptly credited as the founder of Quebec in 1608.


Discover??Samuel was an explorer who founded the Canadian city of Quebec.

He died from stroke on December 25, 1635.

Explorers obstacles. Like any other explorer, Champlain faced many harsh obstacles to achieve his dream. Some were because of wars, lack of newer technology, and harsh winters.

Champlain also discovered the lake named for him (1609) and was important in establishing and administering the French colonies in the New World.

Samuel de Champlain, the namesake of Lake Champlain, was looking for a rumored inland sea that most historians believe was Hudson Bay.Instead, he discovered Lake Huron of the Great Lakes in 1615 and mapped out a large portion of its coastline.


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