Samuel Bose: Panama Tour Guide

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Samuel Bose: Panama Tour Guide

The geography in Panama es mucho bontio. It has mountains everywhere and steep turrain. This causes for spectacular waterfalls.

Panama CityPanama

Home to the Panama Canal!

Panama Viejo means "Old Panama"

- The Panama Canal is a setenta y siete km long canal that connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans so sailors don't have to go around South America. - The Bridge to the Americas connects North America and South America over the Panama Canal. It is trescientos cincuenta y cuatro feet high and 5,400ft long.

These are the Panama Viejo ruins. It was build by early Spanish settlers on Agusto, quince, mil quinientos diecinueve.

Drive over the Panama Canal!

The wheather there is mucho bueno!

Try some bueno food!

These are Empanadas. They are a very traditional food in Panama.

For the atrevido people, Try ziplining!


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