Samuel Adams

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Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams

Sugar Act 1764Britishs' 1st attempt to tax almost went unnoticed if it wasnt for Samuel Adams. He saw it as an infrigementon on their rights and liberties. He gained support of Massachusett Assembly by stating valid arguements against britian.

Stamp Act 1765Samuel Adams opposed the Stamp Act in 1765.He created Sons of Liberty to force all British agents to resign and stop all American merchants from buying British goods.

Boston Massacre 1770March 6 1770, the day after the shootings, Samuel Adams was chosen by citizens gathered in Faneuil Hall to chair a committee of 15 that would petition Lt. Governor Thomas Hutchinson for “immediate removal of troops”.

Boston Tea Party 1773Samuel Adams was promoting opposition to the Tea Act so he organized the Tea Party. On Nov. 3, 1773 he published ‘Resolution of Town of Boston’. In the ‘Resolution of Town of Boston’ he calls for all Americans to oppose this tax and not pay duty on tea or become “enemy to America”.

Intolerable Acts 1774Samuel Adams became one of the delegates at 1st Continental Congress held in Philadelphia made to stop British laws. He also helped draft the Declaration of Rights.

Revolutionary War 1775-1783In 1776 as delegate to Continental Congress, he signed Declaration of Independence.He organized the boycott of British goods. Then he ended his service to Continental Congress and returned to Boston in 1781.

Declaration of Independence1776He gave a famous speech about the Declaration of Independence.Then in 1776 Samuel Adams signed the Declaration of Independence.

Post War PeriodThen he retired from Congress in 1781.1789 he was appointed Lieutenant Governor of state, he was Governor from 1794-1797.

Constitutional Convention 1787Samuel Adams did not participate in the Constitutional Covention. He did fear a powerful govt. would threaten their rights and freedoms the colonies obtained through revolution. He also believed a powerful central goverment lest the union disintegrate.

This is the meeting when everyone including Samuel Adams signed the Declaration of Independence.


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