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Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams Samuel Adams was one of the Founding Fathers and one of the people who helped America win the Revolutionary War. He was also second cousin to John Adams who became the second president of the United States. He became a leader of the American Revolution. He was born in 1772 in Boston, Massachusetts and was one of twelve children.He was brought up in a very Puritan household and learned many Puritan ideas and beliefs. He had a good education, which was hard to find at the time. He eventually attended Harvard University and gradated in 1740 and earned his masters in 1743. He was elected the tax collector of Boston in 1756. After he did not collect the taxes he was left with a lot of debt. But because he did not force people to pay taxes he became the leader of the popular party in the Boston Town Meeting. Adams argued against the Sugar Act and stated the problems of taxation without representation. After Parliament passed the Townshend Acts, Samuel Adams wrote the Massachusetts Circular Letter which was sent around the colonies by the Massachusetts House. The letter inspired many people in the other colonies to resist the Townshend Acts. After the Tea Act had been passed, many colonists became angered, including Sam Adams. He rallied the colonists with a speech at a meeting of Boston citizens that consisted of about 7000 people. The colonist were so angry they began to leave the meeting to dump the crates of tea into Boston Harbor. However Samuel Adams tried to stop them at first because the meeting was not yet over. He later helped to draft and sign the Declaration of Independence. In 1789 he was elected the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. After the governor’s death he became acting Governor of Massachusetts. After running for president in 1796 and losing, he retired from politics. He later died of essential tremor at the age of 81 on October 2, 1803.


1722-he was born 1763-graduated Harvard1756-elected as tax collector of Boston1765-elected to Boston Town Meeting1768-wrote circular letters1772-created Commities of Corrispondence1773-him and Commity of Corrispondence cause the Boston Tea Party1776-singed and drafted the Constitution1789-elected govenor of Massachussetts1797-retired from politics1803-died at the age of 81

He graduated form Harvard and earned his masters in politics.He wrote the Massachusetts Circular Letter.Inspired the people to carry out the Boston Tea Party.He helped to draft and signed the Declaration of Indepence.He was the governor of Massachusetts from 1794-1797.

So What?

Samuel Adams helped inspire the people to start the American Revoulution

Samuel Adams




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