[2015] Katherine Fitzgerald: Samuel Adams

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[2015] Katherine Fitzgerald: Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams was born on September 27, 1722 in Boston, MA. His parents were Samuel Adams Sr. and Mary Fifield. He had 11 siblings (I don't want to name all of them) and only 2 lived passed their third birthday. Sam grew up in a very wealthy family so they had high expectations of them.His parents sent him to the Boston Latin School which was famous for teaching the sons of the Boston's privilaged. There we learned both Latin and Greek. When Samuel was 14, he attended Harvard College, as most graduates of Boston Latin school went. He got his bachelor's degree in 1740 and a Master degree in arts.Sam helped repeal the Sugar and the Stamp act. When the Parliament were placing all the taxes on things, Adams started the Sons of Liberty. They fought back against the British Parliament and contributed to the Boston Tea Party.Sadly, on October 2, 1803, Samuel Adams passed away. In his life he did so much for America and helped make it a free country. Sam is buried at the Granary Burying Grounds in Boston, MA with John Hancock, and Robert Paine.


1722- Sam was born1736 - Enters Harvard 1740 -Graduates from Harvard1746 - Father elected as repressentitive of Boston1749 - Marries Elizabeth Checkly1764 - Liberates slave1803 - Sam dies

Sam was the leader of the Sons of Liberty.Signed the Declaration of Independence.The govoner of Massachusetts and a ringleader for the Revolution.

Lasting Impact

No Samuel Adams, then possibly no America. He started the Sons of Liberty, signed the Declaration, and did so much more for this country.








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