[2014] Ben Korkowski: Samuel Adams

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[2014] Ben Korkowski: Samuel Adams

Sons of Liberty

1722 - Birth1740 - Graduated from Harvard1776 - Signed Delaration of Independece 1794 - Elected Governor of Massachusetts1797 - Left Office 1803 - Death

Sam Adams was a founder of the Sons of Liberty. The Sons led the fight for independence in Boston, and they were one of the main reasons that we gained independence. Some members of the Sons were John Adams, John Hancock, James Otis, and Paul Revere. One of his greatest achievements was the Boston Tea Party. Also it was his idea to have the Boston Committee of Correspondence.

Lasting Impact

Samuel Adams was a major supporter towards the U.S. gaining Independence from England.


Sam Adams also served as a politician. His first job was as a tax collector in 1765. He was Hancock’s lieutenant governor for many years. After Hancock died he became full governor, and he was re-elected three times. He represented Massachusetts in the Continental Congress. He served in this position for many years. One of his biggest achievements was signing his name on the Declaration of Independence.




Samuel Adams

Sam Adams was born on September 27, 1722 in Boston, Massachusetts. His father worked as a merchant and a brewer. He went to Harvard University. Some people may think his brother was John Adams, but they were actually cousins. Sam Adams tried to become a brewer and a publisher, but he failed at both. He then decided to become one of the leaders of the Sons of Liberty and a politician.

Samuel Adams

Sons of Liberty

Declaration of Independence




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