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Samual de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain was born in Bourage,France on a mystrey date from 1567-1570. He pasted away on December,25 1635. He is a French explorer and has travelled a long way.

Champlain's Family.

In Samual's family he has a mom and a father,Margueritte Le Roy and Anthoine De Champlain. He had a wife who is Helene Boulle, who was only 12 years old. He left his family behind while travelling so he adopted 3 girls,Foi,Esperahoce and Charite who are 11,12 and 15.

Samuel had alot of skills.he would use all of his skills to survive thourght out traveling.Some of his skills were making beaver hats, those would come in handy in the cold weathers. Also travelling skills, if he did'nt have those he would not be able to survive. he learned to draw maps which came in handy while travelling. Samuel travelled in a young age so he learned to outstand the harsh weathers.

Since samuel was an explorer he enjoyed going from place to place.He explored St. Lawrence and named an island in the honor of his wife. By that time he had been to Spain.Since he was the first to discovered Nova Scotia. When he returned home to France he had been rewarded and named the king of France. He is also named as the "Founder of Quebec" and "The king of Canada". All in all, Samuel has travelled all his life to all sorts of places.

Samuel's Voyage.

Samuel De Champlains Skill


Samuel had a lot of accomplishments while he was travelling. One of his accomplishments was he was a caption. He also crossed the Atlantic Ocean. He also got to build his own colony in France. He was also a great mapper which came in handy while travelling.

Samuel was very well educated and thats one reason why his is an explorer. He does not remember much about his childhood he only remembered his family.


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