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Summary:After many school transfers Percy go on a field trip to a museum and surprisingly gets attacked by Mrs. Dodds. Percy tries to tell people but know one will believe him. Percy goes home to his mom and gets sent to Camp Half-Blood. But on the way a Minotaur tries to kill Percy, Percy’s mom, and Grover. Percy surprises him self by killing the Minotaur. Percy gets accused of stealing Zeus’s master bolt. Percy, Grover, and Annebeth set off on their quest. Percy kills Medusa! They meet Ares. They free some animals. They get stuck in a casino for five days. They meet Hades. Percy kills Ares! Percy returns the bolt. Percy’s mom kills Gabe with Medusa’s head.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Lightning TheifBy: Rick Riordan

Review:The Lightning Thief was a book full of the butt kicking of monsters and the betrayal of a friend. The race against time. In my opinion I think every kid should read the whole series.

Percy Jackson: Son of the Sea GodGrover Underwood: A brave SatyrChiron: Mr. Brunner or a CentarPercy's Mom: Wife of the Sea GodAnnabeth Chase: Daughter of Athena

Setting:Place: Camp Half-Blood and the U.S.Time: present

"What are you doing?"

"Wheres my mother?"

"Oh I think he'll make an exseption."



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