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Energy & Environment

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Sam's science glog

1) When you're buying a T.V look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo.2) Make sure the brightness of your TV is right for your room because the factory settings are brighter than necessary.3) If you're buying a new TV, think about the size because the bigger the more energy it uses.4) Rather than using the normal viewing setting on your TV, switch it to energy-saving mode.5) If you're going on holiday, DISCONNECT the T.V.6) Avoid placing the T.V in direct hot/sunlit area.

Ways to conserve energy with the T.V

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Why you should buy an INSIGNIA T.V

1) The INSIGNIA T.V has a function that allows it to switch off automatically when its not being used.2) The INSIGNIA T.V only uses 28 kWh.3) Compared to other T.V's it's very cheap to buy.



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