SAMR and Blooms Taxonomy

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SAMR and Blooms Taxonomy


1. Does the SAMR model provide a clear evaluation of whether to use tech. or not? For example, what is the difference between turning creative writing into a multimedia production and turning it into a drama?2. Is "Redefiniton" always linked to a summative assessment?3. Can you use higher order thinking skills with the "S" and "A" of SAMR?4. Does Bloom's Taxonomy de-value factual and conceptual knowledge? Don't the LOTS support the HOTS? Don't all thinking skills include complex and simple facets?

SAMR ModelA way to evaluate technology integration in the classroom. SubstituitonAugmentationModificationRedfinitionBloom's Taxonomy:Different types and levels of knowledge separated into taxonomies.


SAMR and Bloom's Taxonomy


• Google documents to create collaborative lesson plans and papers• IMAGES are important especially if you cannot EXPERIENCE thingsi.e. animals burrowing under the snow• Powerpoint presis, voicethread, etc.


MORE QUESTIONS:5. Are Substitution and Augmentation less important than "M" and "R?6. Don't all the levels of Bloom's impact foundational, meta, and humanistic knowledge?7. Isn't traditional pedagogy without techonology an option? And sometimes the best one?

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Final Thoughts

Both SAMR and Bloom's seem like useful models, but like all others they are not perfect. I wish a more effective way to decide whether or not technology should be used in the classroom existed. I hope that traditional methods are not devalued in the rise of technology. I also think that Bloom's is important for teachers becuase it helps us to ensure students are engaged in HOTS. However even "Creating" and "Evaluating" can be done using LOTS, so teachers should carefully evaluate their own methods and tasks. One thing that I appreciate about both methods is that they emphaszie student centered learning and multiple entry and exit points for each task.


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