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What a Nerd!Meal Worm wears glasses and always carries his book bag. And he wonders why girls think he's uncool...Not so smart in real life stuff, is he?

Most of the irony in this play is dramatic irony. It all contributes to the humour for the audience. The characters don't know that Punk is manipulating their actions. Jason does not know that he has a donkey's head... it's all funny.

Whoa! What's the Smell?Kootie feels insecure about her appearance. She overcompensates with loads of make up and perfume.

The Man's Man: JasonJason is attractive, athletic and good with his hands. Too bad he has no sense of responsibility or sensitivity...

Lord, what fools these mortals be!

I chose the symbol of the highway to show the journey the characters go on. The donkey's head is central because it is both a symbol and central to the dramatic irony around Jason's appearance.

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