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by AleronLiberty
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Sample Glog

Glogster can be used to display many things. You are going to use it to create pojects such as, posters and just plain projects. This is a sample glog to help you understand what kind of things you can do on glogster. You can play music, watch videos, write stuff and place graphics. I have put some sample items on this glog so just kind of explore. When you create your glogs you will be required to have certain items on it. Pictures/graphics, videos, music and text. Have fun glogging!

Sample Glog!

Below is an example of a graphic.

To the left is an example of a picture. To put a picture on the glog you click image on the to-do menu. After that is up open up a new tab. Go to google and find a picture. Right click it then click SAVE IMAGE AS. Go back to glogster and click up-load on the image menu. Find the saved picture and click on it. Click Use It!

To the right is an example of a video. To put a video on glogster you click on video on the menu. Click on school tube. Search what you are looking for in the search bar. Click search. Once you find the video you want click on it then click Use It!


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