Aboriginal people of Australia (sample)

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Aboriginal people of Australia (sample)

Food consumed by the Aborigines in the “bush” or wild Australia has to be hunted or gathered. They eat almost everything available to them, from mammals like the kangaroo or opossum to fish like sharks and shellfish. Alligators and turtles are eaten, as well as a vast arrangement of birds and insects. Over 200 plant species are considered edible to the Aborigines.

The Aboriginal people did not contribute anything to the modern world. They were assimulated into the white culture before they could have a real impact. However, settlers had quite an impact on them.

The Aborigines believe in the “Dreaming” or “Dreamtime” when Aboriginal ancestors rose from the ground to become various parts of nature, like the sky, lakes, and animals. They also believe that people are not above nature, but equals with it.

Aboriginal Timeline #1Aboriginal Timeline #2Aboriginal Timeline #3

Aborigines of Australia

Map of Aboriginal territory (1836)

There are over a hundred languages spoken by the Aborigines of Australia.However, a majority of Aborigines speak English as their first or second language. After Enblish, the most spoken language is Kriol.

The Aborigines of Australia make up 2% of the Australian population. They are the indeginous ethnic group in Australia. They were believed to come to Australia 30,000 to 40,000 years ago.

Traditional festival body art

Rock paintings

Living in the center of Australia's deserts, the Aborigines have grown accustom to the intense and varying heat and cold by wearing little or no clothes during the day and heavy fur blankets at night.

Traditional Weapons

Between the late 1800’s and early 1960’s, Aborigines were treated very unfairly. Poor Aboriginal women were harassed and raped, and the half Aboriginal children were taken away from their families. Children were taken from their families so as to erase the Aboriginal culture. The amount of Aboriginal people in Australian jails is disproportional with the amount of white Australians. Being treated so poorly, not only do they have a lower life expectancy, but a higher mortality and suicide rate. Discrimination still continues somewhat today. Like African Americans were in the United States, the Aborigines are treated to segregated areas. 40% of Aborigines are unemployed.


Since the 1900's, the Aborigines have moved to cities and other suburban areas. Only few still remain in the "bush". Sadly, there is no available current map.



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