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Have you ever noticed that the top of the lake is warmer than bottom? This is because the sun rays heat up the top portion and not the bottom. The lakes are divided into three different “zones” which are usually determined by depth and distance from the shoreline. The top layer is warmer and contains more oxygen as a result of photosythesis from producers. The deeper, colder layers are more oxygen-poor as a result of respiration of bacteria.

Along the shoreline you usually see cattails growing in shallow waters. The cattails provide tadpoles, aquaidic insects, and turtles a home or hideout. Alot of small fish usually eat the aquaidic insects that buzz around the water. Fallen tree trunks protect the smaller fish from bigger fish by serving as hideouts and homes; biggerfish such as blue catfish and sand bass find homes in fallen tree trunks also.

Food Web

Lake Biome

Blue Catfish



The Great Lakes!



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