Samdrew 2015-2016

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Samdrew 2015-2016

Samantha has been a Live Oak Cheerleader for four years. She is also on ASB and is FBLA chapter President.

Andrew runs for Live Oak Cross Country. He is also a swimmer and a soccer player.

Andrew Kim .Born Aug. 11, 1998.Passionate about swimming and fruit.Lifeguard for CRC and Aquatic Center.Middle sibling of three sisters.Favorite food is donuts . Aspires to be an Environmental Engineer

Samantha Sadoff.Born December 31, 1997. Passionate about Harry Styles and Cinematography.Works as an actress making bank.Younger sister of Mr. Tyler Sadoff.Favorite food is tacos and CHURROS.Aspires to be a director

The Life of Samdrew

We have a lot in common! We are both FBLA officers at Live Oak high school. We are both at the top of our class, and are registered billingual as spanish speakers.




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