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Samantha's Math Glog

Disappointments: * Percents * Substituion Method

Samantha's Math Glog

Why? As you can tell, I have a lot of highights this year and only two disapointments. Some of my highlights such as graphing, triangles, and missing angles taught me a new skill which was how to use a protractor and a compass. This year percents and substitution method definitley gave me the most trouble and i just couldn't understand the lesson as quickly as I usually do. In math, I would like to learn more about percents because I want to make sure I understand and percents are used a lot in real-life situations. If your ever working at a store, percents can help you with the discount etc. Also, if your ever a teacher, your going to need to know all these skills to teach the children. This year, my favorite project was the coordinate graph booklet. My math skills are actually really strong, especially with solving equations, ratos, proportions, graphing, slope, distributive property, and integers. I will probably remember slope and solving two step quations because we spent a lot of ime on these lessons. I would rate math in my life, very, because I love math and math is all around you. Most jobs in life require math skills and math will help you be successful in life. Therefore, I learned many math skills this year and I will carry them on tnrough the years to help me in real-life situations and to be successful.

Highlights: * Integers, numerical and algebraic expressions, distributive property, one and two step equations * Equations with variables on both sides, inequalities, radicals, ratios, proportions, triangles, relations, functions, slope * Elemination method, X and Y intercept, pythagorean theorem, trigonometry, permutations, probability, and graphing

Math song(to the tune of Heart Attack by: Demi Lovato) Always ready to learn mathCause I don't want to fail the classIf I ever did that I think I'd have a heart attackWe always learn math first periodWe always learn new skills everydayNever had trouble learning algebraBut when we a learned percents I couldn't understandWhen I listenI can understand pretty wellExcept for percentsIt took me a long time to figure outBut math, is my favorite subject to learnFinding slope and graphing pointsYes math, is my favorite subject that I just love learning itI also liked probabilityAnd learning new graphsSuch as stem and leafSo I'mAlways ready to learn mathCause I don't want to fail the classIf I ever did that I think I'd have a heart attack


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