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Thomas Nast

Cartoon Pieces:-Republican party elephantand donkey-Peace-Columbia-Uncle Sam-Peace in Union

Thomas Nast was a political cartoonist from the late 1800's into the early 1900's. Thomas's drawings affected many outcomes of events such as; securing Lincolns second presidency,the election of Ulysses Grant and showing the public the corrupt ideas of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. He expressed his opionions and ideas through his art. Throughout the civil war his idea promoted Lincoln for president, Pro Union and pro slavery.

Civil War Pieces:-Quantrills Raid-Southern Chivalry-Trapping Rebel Guerrillas- Compromise with the South-On to Richmond-Emancipation

Nast influenced the development of America as a Nation during the Giladed Age. He used freedom of the press, relentlessness for reform and his public influence to help change the world. During the Progressive Era, there was a political corruption in New York Citys political machine led by Boss Tweed. Nast helped Tweed and Hall be shown to the public that they should be convicted of embezzlement. After,Tweed died in prison.

Boss Tweed

Republican Elephant and Democratic Donkey

Santa Clause drawing in Harpers Weekly



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