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Horses weigh about 440 to750 pounds(200 to 340 kilograns)and stand 48 to 56 inches and (122 to 142 centimeters)tall.Horses live about 20 years old.Family groups are led by a dominant stallon.

Horses have not been seen in the wild since 1968.Today there are about 1,200 horses living in the zoos.Przewalski's horses can use their sharp hooves to get water in the ground.

Fast FactsMongolian wild horses are threatened by hunan activities and predators such as wolves.The scentific name for przewalski's horse is equus przewalskii.The wild horse family name is equidae.

Male horses are called stallions females are called mares and babies are called foals. Female horses give birth to one foal a year.Foals stay with their mothers for 8 to 13 months.

Horses are 50 inches and 127 centimemeters .Horses habitat is the grassy deserts and steppes of western mongolia.




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