Saman, Daman And Marissa

by MissJayMac
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Saman, Daman And Marissa

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INTRODUCTION AND EXTRACTION:  What are coins made of? Where are coins from? How do we get them?Coins are useful in many ways, in fact you use coins every day. This is the story of your change. So what are coins made from? Where do we get our materials sourced from?Well we have an answer for you. The coins are being made by zinc and copper. We get our copper sourced from Keweenaw Peninsula, USA and we get our zinc from the USA.

Transport and Consumption:How do we get the money? Where do we get it from? At the Canberra mint the money is distributed to trucks. The trucks brings the money to the banks. Then when the companys get the money that the workers earned they distribute it to the workers.



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