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Sam Shar Glog

Henry Purcell

#3. I was born in London, England

#1. My father's name is Henry Purcell and my mothers name is Elizabeth Purcell

#5. When I was young I studied under the best English composers.

#4. Around 1679, I was put into the position to be an organist for the Westminster Abbey

#6. I wrote in the baroque rythym. It was Influenced by French and Italian styles. Lots of independent lines working together, regular rhythms, and changes of harmony.

#7. I was most famous for the piece, "Dido and Aeneas',"

#8. I died on November 21, 1695 in London

This piano is supposed to resemble a futuristic spaceship

This piano was designed by Colani

#2. I am a classical composer/musician

Avant Garde Pegasus Piano



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